We have worked with a range of clients including the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, uShip, Hara, Passivsystems, One Housing Group, Microsoft, GE, Abbott, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Electrolux, Panasonic, Kodak, Fujitsu.

Here’s some of their feedback:


"Caroline gets right to the heart of the matter and is clear, logical and measured in her approach to the strategic, whilst also being able to deliver at a tactical level. She has a style that makes you feel at ease and gives you confidence. Her contribution to our organisation's corporate brand delivery has been outstanding and her ability to forge strong relationships at a high level has been particularly notable.”
Alison Hall, Head of Strategic Marketing, IEMA

“Very happy to recommend Kate’s depth and breadth of expertise in corporate communications, public affairs and media relations. She proved invaluable in helping us manage a multi-ministerial government announcement visit, including the deputy PM, in continually changing circumstances. Thanks to her professional input we secured major goodwill from government depts, national evening news interviews and enhanced internal expertise. Would definitely work with Kate again in the future.”
Rebecca Clough, Head of Marketing and Communications, One Housing Group

“My company hired Kate to conduct media outreach around a very targeted and tightly budgeted environmental initiative. She was exactly the right person for the job and we were able to leverage her extensive expertise to achieve great results, including coverage and inclusions in some of the UK’s most prestigious publications. I was impressed with her deep industry knowledge, attention to detail (content, time, budget) and tenacity / perserverance, especially given the fact it was our first real PR foray in this market. I wish we had more budget to get more of Kate’s time.”
Dean Jutilla, Head of Marketing, uShip

“I have come to rely time and again on Caroline's insight and advice. She has an ability to get to the heart of a PR or communications issue and focus on actions that will make a difference. She combines strategic insight with an ability to execute. Caroline gets things done.”
Richard Saunders, Director, International Public Relations, Microsoft

“I worked with Kate at an early stage in PassivSystems’ strategic growth in 2009. Kate provided valuable input into the shaping of the company’s PR and PA approach and guided us through the early month’s of the business’s shift from stealth mode to corporate launch. She has integrity and buckets of experience and I’m very pleased to see her fronting her own consultancy - it is what she should be doing!”
Rebekah Brown, Marketing Director, PassivSystems

“Caroline is a great person to have working alongside you. She always listens carefully and gives great thought to how to meet the client's requirements. Caroline's team were clearly very loyal to her and she created a culture based around good advice and great results. Caroline is one of the most reasonable - and reasoned - people in PR and very good company too."
Claire Gosnell, Electrolux (now Head of Comms at Clifford Chance)

“Kate’s enthusiasm, energy and determination have provided our organisation with some fabulous new media contacts and increased profile. She’s quickly become a valuable member of our small team and has been a tremendeous support in translating the technical into well-targetted messages.”
Alison Hall, Head of Marketing, IEMA